Kuro Lala and Shiro Lala One-shot Party?

I’ve looked at the series we’re doing and the resources and we will do half and half.  This means that we will be doing one-shots for Kuro Lala and Shiro Lala through-out the rest of the fall and winter :).  There will be no set schedule for the one-shot releases.  They’ll get done as they get done!


So far Omari’s Sister’s volunteers and a lot of the readers are enthusiastic about the Kuro Lala and Shiro Lala one-shots.  I’m now working on a schedule that will allow us to do most of the one-shots and maintain a decent pace on our series.  We will not interrupt Magnolia, Yukarism, and Akagami no Shirayukihime.  The other series, we will release as they get done in November and December.  In January, we will return to regular releases of series and 2 or 3 one-shots per month.  During this one-shot party, we will release the one-shot by our most beloved mangaka first and introduce you all to some little known mangaka as we finish the project in 2012.  We will also throw in some one-shots that are not from Kuro or Shiro Lala. These were planned and begun months ago, so I want to release them too.  Here’s the beginning of the list of the stuff from Kuro Lala that will do (will add to the list as I get them into my computer).  If there’s a particular one-shot on this list that you are burning to read, leave a comment.  This will help me figure out the priority of projects.:

Kuro Lala:

  • “Kachuu no Ou” by Kure Yuki — A historical one-shot with lots of bishies
  • “Inori Hana” (“Prayer Flower”) by Hayashi Mikase — Nothing good can come of a guy who looks like Edgar Allan Poe telling a story of a little girl who starts off caught in a bear trap and eventually gets hold of a very big knife.
  • “Genei Realism” (“Phantom Realism”) by Toone Suka — A female high school student’s shadow is a creepy gansta looking guy.  There’s blood on her hands, a knife, and a baseball bat involved…this story looks REALLY creepy.
  • “Sabaku no Requiem” — A singing Shinigami wanders the desert, singing people to death. This looks like it could be very moving.
  • “Yadokari Hanpa” (“The Rental Main Office”) by Onda Shizuru — A renter is haunted by the ghost of his dead fiancee.  His nosy landlord forces his help upon the frightened tenant.
  • “Access” — The first chapter of a series that runs in Lala DX.  This series revolves around cursed text messages.
  • “F no Meikyuu” (“F’s Labyrinth”) — Psychic teenage detective investigate the case of a missing teen. 
  • “The Red House” by Yamada Sarueru — Stay the **** away from the Red House.  Nothing good happens there.  Seriously, it’s horrifying. It’ll land you in the hospital.  — Okay, no not really. I just thought that sounded cool ;p
  • “Tsuki no Kanon” (“The Moon’s Canon”) by Seitou Ken
  • “Katakoi” by Nanri Jun — heheheh…gonna keep mum on this one because it’s better than way 🙂

If you are an experienced Japanese to English translator, redraw artist, or typesetter and would like to help with these releases, please contact me using the contact link at the top of this blog.  Be prepared to show some examples of your work.

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