Halloween One-Shot #1: "In the Mirror of Death"

Here is our big Halloween one-shot!  It’s “In the Mirror of Death” by Fujiwara Hiro, the same artist who draws/writes “Kaichou wa Maid-sama”.  This feels very different that KWMS which was a pleasant surprise. Oh!  And this one-shot debuts our newest Omari’s Sister translator!  Let us welcome Jade!  She did a wonderful job on her first project.  Haha!  It was rather brutal of me to give her a 72-page one-shot as an introduction to this group.  I’m such a bad kitty!  I would also like to thank Holanio for typesetting.  This gave me time to catch up on some other projects that needed some attention.

And now onto the links!

Links to “In the Mirror of Death”: (Zip) (PDF)

Some thoughts on this one-shot:

The mid-30 pages are a bit awkward, but I think this part really makes the story the interesting.  I kinda want to see a few more one-shots with these four characters.  The idea of Miyako going at Ryuu really seems entertaining to me.

Next up is our second Halloween one-shot, “Kuro Tenkousei” (“The Grim Transfer Students”) (note:  decided that “The Black Transfer Students” is too provocative and misleading, so I went with a synonym.)

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