Ore to Atashi no Kareshi-sama Chp 0

This is surprise confection that showed up in Asuka magazine.  I waited until the first chapter actually came out before committing to give this series and try.  The first chapter is pretty hilarious, so I’m looking forward to starting this series.  This will probably be a series that we will release every other month because it’s got crazy redraws that rival “Fushigi no Maria-kun”.  We will release the first chapter in December.

About the title —
I’m still working of a proper translation.  Since there are no female/male distinctions in English for the words “I” and “me” there is no direct translation for the Japanese title.  The basic idea is  “My, as a male, and My, as a female Exhalted Boyfriend”.  When this happens, it’s best to give a series an English title that’s not a direct translation but captures the idea of the series.  For now I’m going with “Me, My Boyfriend, and I”.

Anyhow…here’s the short teaser chapter 0 that ran in Asuka: (PDF)

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