Shiro Lala One-Shot: "The Sullen Baker and Me"

This unexpectedly became the first one-shot we released from Shiro Lala.  Please forgive us if you’ve already read this from Mousou Scans.  We were well on our way to completing this one-shot when they released it, but I didn’t want to waste the cleaning and redrawing work that had already been done and we did announce our intention to do this one-shot weeks back, so I decided to just crank this out now since it’s short.

Anyhow, this one-shot is very different than what we are used to from Matsuri Hino.  It’s a very simple story and the character designs aren’t as lush as we are used to.  At first I was very surprised and disappointed because it was too far away from my expectations.  But…after actually doing the formal translation, I came to appreciate this simple story and I like the Baker.  Still, though, it’s very slice of lifey, which isn’t my thing.  My advice to readers is to disconnect your expectation of a Matsuri Hino work and take this one-shot for what it is.

And now the links:  (Zip) (PDF)

Next up!  Is Nari Kusakawa’s “Dinner in my Coffin”

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