Shiro Lala One-Shot: "Dinner in My Coffin" by Nari Kusakawa

How could I resist a one-shot with a title page like this!?  It’s soooo pretty!  This is actually a scan of the one of the post cards that comes with Shiro Lala.  The other post cards are a clean version of the Shiro Lala cover (Akiduki Sorata’s drawing from her one-shot) and “Wild Wing”.  But I digress…the idea of an all white vampire is cool.  I like the white bats too.  The concept is very nice and different.

I really liked this one-shot.  It felt very mature for what’s usually in Lala, without being “adult”.  I wish there were more one-shot like this. Ashleigh is definitely my new favorite vampire.

And now onto the links!

“Dinner in my Coffin” by Nari Kusakawa (Zip) (PDF)

Oh!  For a giggle, read this one-shot a second time, but pay close attention to the dog Pia.  The dog is priceless.

Next up is the return of “Seirei Produce” followed by our Thanksgiving one-shot and then some more Shiro Lala until I get Aria and Betsuhana magazines.

One thought on “Shiro Lala One-Shot: "Dinner in My Coffin" by Nari Kusakawa

  1. I’m actually so gutted to realize that this is the least depressing oneshot in the whole collection. At least Ashleigh always knew his time was limited and he fulfilled all that he wanted.

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