"Seirei Produce" Chapter 7

Huzzah!  “Seirei Produce” is back!  Oh how I missed the Amane/Fuuta comedy pair.  A note on chapters 5 and 6, I had a rare type of brainfart and I only saw the kanjis and discarded the furiganas for the middle brother’s name.  Instead of “Ookami the Black/Blue”, he is “Sou the Wolf”.  Personally, I like “Ookami the Black”…but that’s not the name the mangaka intended.  So it’s “Sou” from now on and I’ve gone back and updated chapters 5 and 6 (hopefully, I’ve caught all instances of it).
I also decided to call Fuuta a Fox since the other two brothers are actual animals and not mythical creatures.  As for the oldest brother, “Murder of Crows” is kinda long, so I fudged things a little.  I called him “Hakua no Kanae, the Murder of Crows” so Yachiyo could call him “Hakua-sama” rather than “Murder of Crows-sama”.  I’m sorry if it seems redundant to all you folks who know Japanese.

Chapter 7 starts off with a flashback to Shiina’s childhood that gives some hint about the origin of her God-like strength.  Who is that God-like being?  His hair is crazy long!  Toward the end, we finally meet the third brother.  Oh my, that trio is handsome, but Ookami is still the best :).  He seems like a really good guy.  The oldest brother, though, has a very ominous name.  Crows spook me to the core.  Hitchcock’s “The Birds” made a strong impression on me as a child, so “Murder of Crows” sounds absolutely horrifying.  Anyhow this Hakua no Kanae guy is a silver tongued devil, but it doesn’t seem like Shiina’s or Ookami were brainwashed.  I once had a manager who spoke like Hakua no Kanae.  I’m convinced he’s a psychopath…just saying…

Anyhow, enough of my babbling.  Onto the link!

Link to “Seirei Produce” chapter 7:  (PDF)

Next up will be the Shiro Lala one-shots “The Magician and the Love Potion” by Yuu Toyota and “Proof of a Silver World” by Akiduki Sorata for your Thanksgiving week reading pleasure.  After that, I’ll sneak in a food themed one-shot to celebrate the 3 days of post Thanksgiving feast bliss.

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