December at Omari’s Sister

I can’t believe the year is almost over!  I suppose it’s true that time flies when you’re having fun :).

Before we get to December, let’s recap November.  We had a lot of success with the Kuro Lala and Shira Lala releases.  I’m very surprised by their success, so I’m glad we were able to share these one-shots.  Hopefully like me, you have become aware of some mangaka you’ve never heard of.  Toyota Yuu is definitely a new favorite.  I will be looking out for one-shots and series from her in the future.  We are about 1/3 done with the one-shot planned from those two publications.  We plan to finish up the rest of the one-shots through the rest of winter 2011 and 2012.

And now onto December.  Because of the Kuro Lala and Shiro Lala one-shot party, we’ve fallen grossly behind of some of our series.  I would like to spend December finishing up the half finished series chapters and one-shots that got put aside over the past 3 months so we can have a sorta fresh start in January. Here’s was what’s planned:

  • The Ghost Apartment Manager Chp 8 — halfway through the translation and this chapter is very funny, but a bit morbid in it’s humor.
  • Fushigi no Maria-kum Chp 4
  • Akagami no Shirayukihime Chp 28 
  • One-Shot: “Komugi to Sekai no Ryouri-kun”
  • One-shot: “Saigo no Negai” (“The Last Prayer”) — Moving story of a father’s love for his son  — Christmas 2011
  • The Scarecrow of Oz Chp 5 + Extra Chapters
  • Ore to Atashi Kareshi Chp 1
  • Cute Witch Fall One-shot #1:  “Majo to Yajuu” (“The Witch and the Beast”)
  • Demonic Fall One-Shot:  “Seimei desu ga nani ka?” (“So what if I am Seimei?”) by Sarachi Yomi

We’ll do more if we have time. There is more Shiro Lala and Kuro Lala work going on in the background.  There’s a good chance that we will release the Sakura Tsukuba one-shot this month. (“Sabaki no Mon” has just been released by Aerandria, so we will cease work on it and move onto to another one-shot)

Please check the release schedule track our progress on various releases and follow our release feed on Twitter (@OmarissisterRel) to be alerted we do a chapter or a one-shot release. 

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