2011 Round Up — Your Input wanted!

I’m going to write up a 2011 retrospective and I would like your inputs as readers of this blog.  I would like to cover the year’s stats for Omari’s Sister (Can you guess what the most read release was?) and my thoughts on the year in manga.  I would like know your thoughts about manga in 2011.  What were some of your favorite series this year (licensed and unlicensed and in general — not only from this group)?  What series do you most want to see licensed?  What series did you hate the most?  What one-shots did you like?  I also want to know what you would like to see from Omari’s Sister in the future.  How would you change the current project mix?  Would you like to see more separate commentary about manga?  Would you like for us to give more attention to some of the news and announcements in the manga magazines?  Tell me anything :).  I’m listening.  I’ll begin compiling the post/s after Christmas.  I’ll look forward to your input.

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