"Akagami no Shirayukihime" Chapter 30

First of all, please do not upload this to any of the manga aggregation websites.  There is no need to since it’s readily available here and I think you all know I don’t like manga aggregation websites.

Secondly, for those who hate the water-color look, I’m sorry.  I didn’t have much of a choice but to edit the images this way because the the data was incomplete in the raw.  This is a way to “hide” the poor quality of the raw.  The last page is particular bad.  The data just wasn’t there for me to pull the trick off properly, so it looks splotchy :(.  Anyhow, some detail was sacrificed, but you could say it was never there in the first place. I’m probably over thinking this :/.

Next, an announcement from the cover page:  There will be a dual release of “Akagami no Shirayukihime” Volume 7 and a compilation of Akidzuki Sorata’s one-shots released on March 5th.  If you wish to purchase any of these books for yourself and need help with the purchase, send me an e-mail.  If I get enough requests, I should be able to get the books for ~$11 each, including postage for buyers in the US and Canada.

Okay, finally on to the chapter!  We continue from where the story ended in chapter 29.  We get more of an understanding of what Zen meant by his last words in chapter 29.  This was particularly hard for the translator to understand, because depending on the context, there are several variations of a possible translation.  Both of us were not able to grasp the correct translation until we read chapter 30.  I’m glad we waited because it could have been translated to “From now on, I want to make it known”, which would have led everyone to think that Zen wanted to make their relationship public.  Ugh…it would have been awful to have to change that.  Anyhow, the chapter ends putting us in position for the next arc.  I hope it keeps to Zen and Shirayuki’s relationship and doesn’t go into “adventure land”.  They’re wet and they’re going to an inn.  Please let that go where it should…please!  Pretty please!!!

And now, the link to the chapter!

Link to “Akagami no Shirayukihime” Chapter 30:  (PDF) Best viewed at 65% zoom.

With this, we are caught up on the series.  There will not be another release for at least a month.  This is a monthly series, which means one chapter per month unless there is a special chapter in another magazine other than Lala.

Next up is “Fushigi no Maria-kun” Chapter 4

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