Basic SOPA and PIPA Legislation Information

I didn’t want to take down this blog on strike day because I’m not sure I could properly restore it.  But, I felt that you all, as folks who depend on the Internet, should know some basic information about SOPA and PIPA, pending legislation in the US that is intended protect US intellectual property from online piracy.

I think the best jumping off point for more information is Wikipedia:

If I’m not mistaken, SOPA has been pulled, but a vote on PIPA is expected soon.

My opinion:  We already have laws and processes to address the kind of online piracy these bills are meant to cover.  I also don’t support any laws like this that do not allow for due process.  There is a process for rights holders to exercise their copyrights and companies should use that process.

I also believe that copyright laws written at the turn of the 20th century are not applicable to now.  Much has changed and companies have to accept the reality of the Internet.  I would rather see companies come up with new business models and innovate rather than litigate and lobby politicians.

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