Omari’s Sister 3rd Anniversary Celebration Begins! One-Shot: "Wild Wing" by Yumi Kiiro

First of all, a teaser for our new series coming in June. Linky-link!

Omari’s Sister started doing scanlations back on June 26, 2009.  At that time it was a one-person group and the first project was Ouran High School Host Club chapter 71. I only did that scanlation because I was tired of waiting for chapters to be released. I had no intention of taking this any further. But then true to shoujo scanlation culture, some friction arose over Ouran and the prideful and stubborn side of me took hold and I continued on with Ouran. I admit at that time, I entered scanlation not knowing any of the silent rules of courtesy and I pissed off a few groups without initially knowing why.  Hahaha!  Well, I’ve never been one to play be the rules, so scanlation and doing whatever I like are not out of character for me. I’ve learned to temper myself over the years, and I’m better for it.

Silver Lunar and Kuma Chan were the first members to join the group.  Kuma Chan drops in once in a while to proofread and Silver Lunar to this day does a whole lot of the cleaning and redrawing.  Members have come and gone and I’ve had fun with all of them.  Thank you all for contributing your talents over the years.  I look forward to many more years with Omari’s Sister and I can’t wait to meet the new people who will join the group in the future.

That’s all I’ll say for now.  I’ll post again about the progress the group has made since its founding.  We’ve made leaps and bounds with both translation quality and image editing quality over the years.

And now onto our first celebratory release! “Wild Wing” is the long one-shot that was featured in Shiro Lala.  It’s by Yumi Kiiro, the mangaka who brings us the “Library Wars” manga series.  A lot of group members contributed to this one-shot.  Jade did a wonderful job on the translation with Amrai’s and Kotomi’s assistance, Silver Lunar cleaned and redrew most of this bad boy, Ichigo Stars worked her magic with the crazy redraws, and Holanio survived a typesetting marathon.  Hahaha…and me…well, as usual, I put the final polish on the images and script to give the project that “Omari’s Sister feel”.

Onto the link!
Link to “Wild Wing”: (PDF)

My thoughts on “Wild Wing”

I like this one-shot a lot, though, I felt the transitions in the story were a little abrupt and choppy.  This is especially visible in the way Miyabi’s father is handled.  I think that could have been resolved by making the story into a one-volume short-series rather than a one-shot.

Up Next!

The next one-shot will be released on Sunday and soon after that will come AnS Chp 34!

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