Shiro Lala One-Shot: "Twinkle Loop Story" by Ayu Nozaki

I hate katakana. Up until yesterday, I thought the title of this one-shot was “Twinkle-Poo Story”. Apparently the mangaka was being clever in a non-native language and I was supposed to see how the “ru” was multitasking as the “le” in “Twinkle” and the “loo” in “Loop”…ugh…I hate the Japanese version of English. Why can’t you use Japanese words!!!  *Bangs head* Katakana is the bane of my existence. Anyhow…a kind and more learned soul set me straight.  Thank you higher power! Indeed! I learned something new yesterday!

This is one of my favorite all time one-shots.  It comes in behind “World’s End Garden”, “Souai Metaphysica”, and the Yuu Toyota one-shots.  I guess that makes it number 5 on my list.  It was nothing like I was expecting.  From the title and the title page, I was expecting something cute and stupid, but it turned out to be very, very sweet, with a twinge of the tragedy that runs through most of the Shiro Lala one-shots.  This one, though, ends happily, so please don’t skip it.

Onto the link!

Link to “Twinkle Loop Story”:  (PDF)

Next up!  At last!  I get to finally finish the first chapter of “Pochama ni”…that is, after I finish prepping the final Shiro Lala one-shot, “The Sun’s Snow” for typesetting.  Hahaha!  We’ll see which one gets released first later this week.  Timing’s a little screwy, so we won’t have a new release for our official anniversary.  Rather I’ll post a list of our all time top ten releases, both series and one-shots, and you readers can explore your favorite Omari’s Sister releases :).

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