Water-Themed One-Shot: "Kujira ni Kisusuru Hi" ("The Day I Kissed a Whale") by Yutaka Asano

Some thanks first :).  Thanks to Holanio for lettering her butt on this one-shot, and thanks to La Noche de los Caidos for helping us clean and redraw this one-shot.  Thanks to you ladies, this one-shot looks gorgeous! Oh, and let’s not forget Jade for doing a great translation!

This is probably the most typical shoujo work we’ve done since chapters 3 – 8 of “Pika Ichi.”  First a warning, if you know anything about whales, sea diving, or underwater photography, clear that knowledge from your brain now.  This is a fantasy and fantastic things happen.  Second, this is more like something you’d see in Ribon Special or Deluxe Betsucomi rather than from a Hakusensha magazine, so it is shallow shoujo in the purest sense.  If you like this kind of shoujo already or can get you brain to that magical place you’ll enjoy this one-shot a lot.  Everyone else, please admire the pretty pictures.  But all is forgiven since it’s a debut work, though, I see after this one-shot, Asano’s not done anything since and that was 3 years ago.  Yikes…Haha!  But I really do like the whale and nature drawings in this one-shot and that’s the main reason I chose this one-shot.  It’s a rare work in which the artwork is enough for me despite the story.  Hopefully this mangaka is happily assisting another mangaka and will one day give her own manga a try again.

On to the release!

Link to “The Day I Kissed a Whale”: (PDF)

Up next we have some more water themed one-shots.  We are also working on our series for September.  It looks like we won’t get to “Ojousama no Untenshu” this month, but it’s being prepared for multiple chapter releases.  We’ll do what can :).


“Akagami no Shirayukihime” volume 8 and Aka Lala are on order.  If you would like copies of these for yourself, please contact me to piggyback onto my order.

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