Water-Themed One-Shot: "Kaizokuhime" ("Pirate Princess") by Yuki Shiwasu

Before we get to the one-shot, I need to do some advertising.  We need an experienced advanced-level Japanese to English translator for “Akagami no Shirayukihime.”  We will be working from the tankoubon from now on, however, if the translator wishes, he or she may translate from the magazine so as not to be bombarded with multiple chapters at once.  Also, the translator can work on other OS projects at their own leisure.

We are also recruiting Cleaners and Redraw Artists.  Please see our recruitment page for more details.
Now onto the one-shot!  You may recognize the name of the mangaka, Yuki Shiwasu.  She is the same mangaka who brought us “Furou Kyoudai.”  This was written before “Furou Kyoudai” and the artwork look different from that series.  It’s quite a relief considering that most mangaka character designs look the same from series to series.  Shiwasu-sensei’s latest works look even better! Her art style has matured nicely.  We will be bringing you more works by Yuki Shiwasu in 2013 and we’re going to wrap up “Furou Kyoudai” this October.

And now the release!

Link to “Kaizokuhime”: (PDF)

My thoughts on this one-shot (I recommend you read the one-shot first before reading this) —

I imagine somewhere out there a few folks will be tearing out their hair in feminist righteousness about the “innocent-virgin-pirate female” fantasy and the fact that both men in this story regard Jill as “treasure.”  I acknowledge that side of the story…and I question what freedom Jill has gained by the end of the story…(could she be a pirate without Sullivan’s protection and how much piracy would Jill be allowed to do if the story continued? Despite everything, I don’t see Sullivan allowing Jill to be part of a boarding party or allowing her to attack.) but, I think it’s best not to think of the story that way and instead enjoy the pirates, the art, and lovely interactions between Jill and Sullivan.

I like Jill’s spirit and her spunk.  She took it into her own hands to escape her father’s gilded cage and see a way out to sea.  I like how she acknowledges the need for a team and team work.  I also like Sullivan and the way throughout the story he comes to understand a different side of freedom and treasure through Jill.
Next up will be a fantasy watery one-shot from Yumi Kiiro (“Library Wars” and “Bouquets of Flowers for the Sleepless Knight”) called “Over the Blue.” It should be out tomorrow!

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