Favorite Water Themed One-Shot Poll Results

Here are the results of the favorite August one-shot poll. I’m kinda surprised that “Over the Blue” was so popular.  I wasn’t expecting such a big spread between the top 3 picks and I was expecting better performance for “Summer Blue” and “Kaizokuhime.”  The bottom two, I’m not surprised about at all.  Anyhow, this is good data and gives me some clues about what kinds of manga readers like.  I think I have an idea of what readers aren’t big fans of, but I also see in this particular poll, my favorite “Summer Blue” wasn’t a top pick.  Hahaha!  It helps me stay grounded :).  But my instincts are correct that “typical shoujo” like “Shima x Dan” and “The Day I Kissed a Whale” aren’t expected or preferred amongst our readers.  I think that’s the case too amongst OS group members.  I can tell you, no “typical shoujo” is planned moving forward.  In fact we’re expanding the types of shoujo we cover and we’ll be taking some chances this fall and winter with some weird, horror-themed, ecchi, and josei manga.  The good thing is right now, many of the magazine I subscribe to are trying different things in a effort to find a hit, so I’m seeing a lot more experimental one-shots and short series.

Anyhow, if you would like to expand on your favorite or what you think was the worst from August, please feel free to go nuts in the comments section.  I would love to hear your opinion and I keep those opinions in the back of my mind as I select projects for the group.

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