New Series Announcement for Fall 2012/Winter 2013!!!

Hooray! Now that we’ve gotten and are currently getting ourselves from underneath some series, we can start using our resources on some new series. Thank you all for taking the poll and helping me make this decision.  So, without further chit-chat, here’s what’s coming!

1. Megane no Icubus by Emiko Nakano
This series is only 3 chapters and we will start releasing it in November. I will announce a new short series after we release the last chapter.

2. Dolci by Soumei Hoshino — This a series about a boy working at a pastry shop founded by ex-biker/delinquents.  It is 3 volumes (15 chapters).  See more previews on the Omari’s Sister Tumblr (LINK)

3. Kurogane Girl by Kokoro Natsume — This is a sci-fi/mecha play off of Romeo and Juliet :). It’s two volumes (9 chapters).

4.  Satou-kun no Juunan Seikatsu by Suisu Kanashiki — This is stooooooopid. It’s 3 volumes ongoing (hopefully not for too much longer). See more of a preview on our Tumblr (LINK)

Again, “Megane no Icubus” will start releasing in November and the others will begin in January. We will start working on all the series immediately. 

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