Halloween Oneshot: "Akuma wo Sasayaku" ("A Devil Whispers") by Youko Nogiri

Welcome to the Omari’s Sister month long Halloween one-shot party.  We will try to release every odd day in October.

This first story is just a small appetizer to get us started. It’s not scary in the least bit…unless you consider the sweet whispers of a handsome young man to be evil.  Hahaha!  I like this oneshot a lot and I hope you readers enjoy it too.

Onto the release!

Link to “Akuma wa Sasayaku”: (PDF) (I’m sorry about the graininess of the PDF. I have to figure out all my processing settings again now that I’m on a different computer. It should look just fine, though, for those of you on iPads. I may release a ZIP if I can’t get the PDF to cooperate.)

Our next oneshot will be released shortly after midnight on the 3rd. It will be our first spooky tale.

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