"Magnolia" Chp 25

First of all a bit of business.  The Omari’s Sister end-of-summer sale is going on now.  There are still lots of great items and books left to buy.  Please check it out here (Link). A big thanks to those of you who have already made purchases. With the money raised this round, Omari’s Sister is self sustaining for another 4 months!  Hooray!!!  Just as an interesting side note: this time around about 75% of the purchases were made by folks outside of the US. Hello, worldly people!  I’m glad to make your acquaintance! Yes, I do ship Internationally, and as long as you keep it under 4-lbs, the shipping costs are reasonable.
All righty! Now onto “Magnolia!” This is the first of two childhood flashback chapters (or so Naked Ape’s Twitter feed says.)  I think the chibis are adorable, but the rest of the group says otherwise.  They really don’t like the dramatic eyelashes.  Haha! On a more serious note, I’m really curious about Ayato’s fear of becoming female. Are there gender inequality issues in Anestachia that haven’t been brought to light yet?  Or is Ayato afraid of being objectified (which is what Hugo does to “her” half the time)? Or is it something else?  The question of femininity intriques me. Lots of people think of feminine attributes as weakness, but I think most people focus too much on brute strength and confuse stoicism for mental fortitude.  I believe there are many types of females and many types of males, and attributes run along a spectrum.  Everyone has strengths and weakness, but I think if a person puts in the effort, weaknesses should not be used as a means or an excuse to hold a person back.  It’ll be interesting to see how Naked Ape explores this question.  Already we see a spectrum of masculinity amongst the male characters in the series.  As for femininity, not so much. The only female character that Naked Ape has spent a lot of time on is Lily, and she’s super-girly in my opinion.

Enough of my rambling, an onto the release!

Link to “Magnolia” chapter 25: (PDF)

Next up! At midnight October 1st we will became our month long Halloween oneshot party!!! Hooray!  Send in your Halloween banners!!!

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