Halloween Oneshot: "Yadokari Honpo" by Shizuru Onda

Update: The PDF has been fixed. Please let me know if you still have trouble with it.

I’m releasing this before midnight because I’m crazy tired and just want to go to sleep! This is our second to last oneshot from last year’s Kuro Lala.  Can you believe we nearly translated the entire magazine?! Haha!

I would like to thank Amrai for translating this challenging oneshot.  Also, thanks goes out to Noir for a fabulous job cleaning and Kiruku Naru for typesetting.  Great work, ladies!

What drew me to this oneshot were the character drawings and the scary ghost drawings. I was happy to see after the translation was completed that it also had a very cute, albeit bittersweet, story. Okay, my brain is seriously shutting down and I fear I’m typing complete gibberish, so I better get to the release now.
Links to “Yadokari Hanpo”: (PDF) (ZIP)
Yes, that’s a ZIP you see, so be good blog readers and don’t upload this to any of the manga aggregators (though, I imagine there are sites with scrapers…we’ll see…). I would like to release some upcoming oneshots as ZIPS, so if you are good readers, I will. Otherwise it’s back to locked down PDFs only. SERIOUSLY! You aren’t being a hero by uploading this, so don’t. It’s like taking a dump in everyone’s ice cream…and I have some wonderful ice cream ahead I would like to share.

Tomorrow we’ll have a new oneshot from Kaoru Ichinose :).  Please look forward to it!

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