Halloween Oneshot: "Inoribana" ("Prayer Flower") by Mikase Hayase

Here’s another excellent oneshot from Mikase Hayase. It not as weep-yourself-into-a-pool-of-tears as “Souai Metaphysica,” but it’s impactful (I still get teary-eyed when I think of that oneshot), nonetheless I think what got me was the all too honest ending. It was amazing once I finally understood the full gravity of what was being said.  The ending is truly lovely. Because of the two oneshots we’ve translated so far, I’m very curious about Hayashi-sensei’s other works, and I’m sure in 2013 we’ll do a month featuring some of her more recent works.

Anyhow, without saying much further about this oneshot, because it must really be read to be enjoyed, let’s get on with the release!
Link to “Inoribana”: (PDF)

The next oneshot will be from Kaoru Ichinose.  It’s gonna take a little while to complete (I estimate 5 days), so I’ll be reintroducing a few spooky oneshots from the past :).  It’s a really good oneshot, though it’s thoroughly screwed up like the other Aka Lala works.  Haha!  I’m working hard to make it pretty, so please be patient.

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