Halloween Oneshot: "Genei Realism" ("Phantom Realism") by Suga Toone

This oneshot reminded me of “F no Meikyuu” in pacing and development. I think folks who like AnS will also like this oneshot.  I ended up liking this oneshot a lot more than I thought I would. I think what I liked the most is how things summed up in the end. It’s a very realistic and believable ending even though most readers may crave the sugar-coated ending we all expected.

Thanks again goes out to Amrai for translating this oneshot, thanks to Noir for helping with the cleaning, and a big thanks to Holanio for some fabulous typesetting!

And now onto the release!
Link to “Genei Realism”: (PDF)

Tomorrow we will have a freaky oneshot from a Betsuma supplemental. Yeah, Betsuma…go figure…

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