Halloween Oneshot: "Nibun no Ichi: 1/2" by Mitsuo Shimokitazawa

This is a freaky little oneshot from a supplemental from shoujo stalwart Betsuma Magazine. I don’t particularly like Betsuma series, but I do get the magazine when there’s a supplemental because there’s a chance there could be something different and good inside. This oneshot is one such little gem.

All I’ll say about this oneshot is “ah, yeah, bye-bye.”  I laughed so hard at the ending, even though I’m pretty sure that wasn’t the response the mangaka was going for.  Sorry, but it was too cornball!

On to the release!
Link to “Hanbun no Ichi”: (PDF) (ZIP)

There’s a good chance that the third installment of “Hakamori Majo Bianca” will be released sometime tomorrow instead of a midnight release tonight.

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