Announcement: "Pochamani" Volume 2 Tankoubon Coming out After March

Much to my disappointment, “Pochamani” Volume 2 isn’t coming out in March, which moves the soonest it could come out to April. We have enough tankoubon chapters to last until March with monthly releases.  I do have the magazine versions, but Hana to Yume print quality ranges from pure crap to medium.  I don’t want to compromise the quality we’ve got from the tankoubon, but at the same time, I know there are some of you who really don’t give a crap about the translation or image quality and just want anything now, first, (because you’re DYING).  Now that I’ve written this,  I realize I don’t care about the “fans” who don’t give crap, because “fans who don’t give a crap” is an oxymoron. Hopefully, the tankoubon will be released in April and this won’t be a problem, but if it comes later, unless the raw is medium quality, we will resume “Pochamani” when we get the volume 2 tankoubon. Yes, and “Pochamani” will be presented in high quality loveliness as it should :3 (Though I would feel bad if some people chose to look at crap scanlations because they couldn’t wait… but those are those people’s eyeballs and those people are sad children with no impulse control.)

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