Thank you for Taking the Oneshot Survey!

Thanks to all of you who gave us your input on your favorite mangaka. It looks like my instincts are on track and we are well on the way to preparing a nice selection of oneshots for the 4th anniversary of Omari’s Sister and the rest of 2013.

Our plan is to release complete collections of oneshots from our favorite mangaka. This means we will do our own versions of oneshots that may have already been released along with some that have never been released in English. I know some of you don’t like that, and I invite you not to read oneshots you’ve already read if it bothers you that much (In other words, please don’t send me nasty-grams. They will fall upon deaf ears and I will ban you from commenting and blacklist your e-mail address.). However, I feel that we have good reasons do our own versions.  Here are some of them:

  • Many of the older oneshots are not easily available on the internet because the group closed and the group’s website is gone.
  • The closure of Mega Uploads disappeared a lot of oneshots.
  • Some groups do not allow non-English retranslations, and we have partners who want to translate particular oneshot into their own language.
  • Some of the oneshots will be done from the tankoubon instead of a the magazine = high quality images!
  • I’ve never read any of these oneshots completely.
  • It would be weird have an incomplete of set of oneshots.
  • I truly love the work this group produces and we should do whatever beautiful thing we like :3
  • To hell with the unspoken “no duplication rule” amongst shoujo groups.

We wouldn’t be releasing our own version of oneshots unless we felt we had some value to offer. Still, if you don’t like repeats, then feel free to ignore the oneshots you’ve already read.

Moving on… I have all of the issues of Lala, Lala DX, Lala Specials, Hana to Yume,  and The Hana to Yume released since July 2007 (they occupy a room in my house).  I spent several days collecting the raws for all of the oneshots from our favorite mangaka. Our collection will be extensive and this project will never be completed :3.  Haha! That means it will be an ongoing project as mangaka continue to create.

Our first focus will be on relatively new favorites Nao Tsukiji and Mika Kajiyama. Then in June we will turn our attention to Hakusensha’s mangaka.