Banner Submissions — Don’t Steal other Artists’ Artwok

I love receiving and using banners from fans. However, I was informed that one of the banners I was using used artwork from an artist who doesn’t like her artwork used without her permission.  The person who sent the banner claimed it was their own work and removed the original artist watermark. So… just to be clear… if you are scouring Deviart Art or similar sites for artwork to use in a banner:

  1. Make sure to ask permission from the artist before using the image.
  2. Please make sure in you e-mail or communication that you tell the artist you are using the image to make a banner for Omari’s Sister website.
  3. Do not remove any of the artist’s watermarks.
  4. When you send banners to me, please tell me where the original artwork came from.  Please include a link or an e-mail address so I can verify the origin and clear permissions.

If you are confused about what is “your” artwork or creation, here are some questions to ask yourself.

  1. Did I draw or paint the base image myself? Yes — It’s yours, No — It’s not your, clear permissions and credit the artist.
  2. Did I find some artwork I like and then altered the image by cropping, applying filters, and adding other artistic elements? Yes — the base image is not yours. Clear permissions and credit the artist.  

(Yes, I see the irony in all this… but just do it.)

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