"Rex Fabula" Chapter 8

We reach the halfway point of the story with this chapter. Most of the characters have now been introduced, though, I’d say the five  shown here are probably the main characters.

I really like the dynamic between Yuzuha and Kotoko.  They show how both of their character archetypes are strong. Yuzaha is scrappy and uninhibited and Kotoko is elegant and reserved. Looking at later chapters, it looks like they have a lot more story together :).

We’re slowly plugging our way through. I hope to release chapter 9 by the end of next week.  The next three chapters will come after our anniversary festivities.

Onto the release!
Link to “Rex Fabula” Chapter 8: (Zip) (PDF)

Next up will be “Rex Fabula” Chapter 9 and “Yukarism” Chapter12.  After that will be another “Magnolia” flood of releases.  We have “Magnolia” chapter 30 and 31 and “Lily” chapter 6. We are waiting for our redraw artists to free up, so it may be a couple of weeks before we can start releasing.

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