"Rex Fabula" Chapter 9

Recruitment:  We need volunteers for all positions (Critical need for redraw artists).  If you are interested, please see our recruitment page (LINK)
Finally, we’re back to some more action in “Rex Fabula”. Instead of removing and redrawing the sound effects, I decided that it would be best to leave them in Japanese because they look like they are part of the artwork and to save up time because there are more than enough redraws involved in dialog and narration alone.  We will continue subtitling the sound effects for rest of the series for these reasons.

I don’t like Shion. ‘Nuff said.

In this chapter we start to get a glimpse of why Imose fears women, and it’s awful and humiliating. I really don’t want to know anymore because I have a feeling that it’s something disturbingly sick. I think it would be nice if he could get over his fear and give someone like Yuzuha a chance. Despite her issues, she seems like she’d be a nice and loyal girlfriend.

Honestly, right now, I just want to see if Kurumisawa is ever going to confess to Homare and whether Homare would even give her time of day. I think he’s too wrapped up in himself to even truly be friends with someone, let alone falling in love with someone. Still I’d like to see him crack. But… maybe actually becoming a real friend to someone is part his journey. That would be a nice character progression to see. I’d like for him to do something for somebody because he wants to and not because he’s expecting something in return later.

If we aren’t able to release chapter 10 in June, then expect another 3 chapters (10, 11, and 12) in July.

Onto the release!
Links to “Rex Fabula” Chapter 9: (Zip) (PDF)

Next up will be Magnolia chapters 30 and 31, Lily Chapter 6 (final), and Yukarism Chapter 12.  All of them are close to being done, so expect them to be released within the next week.

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