Omari’s Sister 4th Anniversary Kickoff! "Eikyuu Shoujo" ("Eternal Girl") by Akane Ogura

Our anniversary is actually on the June 26th, but I decided to expand the celebration throughout the whole month of June. Because we don’t like to blow our wad all at once, we’ll be releasing a new oneshot at least once every two days.  For this anniversary, I picked works that span the various magazines we pull content from.  When we started back in 2009, we were a Hakusensha focused group that mainly pulled from Hana to Yume and Lala DX.  Now we pull content from:

Hana to Yume
The Hana to Yume
Lala DX
Lala Special
Petite Princess
Zero-Sum Ward
Comic Gene
Kiss Plus

Yes… I subscribe to many magazines, but it’s all in search for the best shoujo and josei to read and share. I also have a nice library of materials for the group. I admit that I love curating all the works for this group. Anyhow… this month I hope to show the depth and breadth of works this group does. There’s a lot more to shoujo than girl focused high school dramas.

To start things off, I’ve selected the latest oneshot from one of the first mangaka we started translating, Akane Ogura.  We took on “Zettai Heiwa Daisakusen” halfway through the series. Since then, we’ve continued to translate her oneshots and we hope to eventually release our version of all of her oneshots.  Her next work will appear in Lala DX 7, which comes out on June 10th, followed soon by another compilation of oneshots, which we will translate.  We hope to squeeze in the new oneshot during this celebration, so please look forward to it.

And now onto the release!
Links to “Eikyuu Shoujo”: (Zip) (PDF)

Next, on June 3rd at 12:01am, will begin a trio of Vampire Wedding oneshot from one of our new favorite mangaka, Mika Kajiyama. Get ready for a week of loveliness!

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