"Lovely Vampire Weddings" Story 1: "The Lie Becomes Love Under the Moon"

Are you ready for some josei?! Haha! No worries; none of this is smut. It’s just good old-fashion fairytale stuff that’s safe for all ages.  If you’re looking for something 18+, I recommend you read “Butakai Ouji” on our grown-sister website, Bakeneko’s Lair.

I’ve been holding onto this collection of oneshots since late last year. I wanted to do these for Christmas along with “Butakai Ouji”, and then again during Valentine’s Day week, but we didn’t have room in the schedule for them. It’s been agony for me because I read them as soon as the tank arrived and completely fell in love with these stories. I’m a sucker for light historical romances.  Anyhow, this loosely connected trio of stories were written by Kanari Hashimoto and drawn by Mika Kajiyama, the same mangaka who wrote and drew “Ore to Atashi no Kareshisama”.  Needless to say the artwork is lovely and stories are very sweet.  This is one of the three Mika Kajiyama projects we are working on.  The third is her latest series that is running in Princess magazine.  We are currently waiting for the tankoubon so we can work from high quality scans.

Moving on… we will present the stories over the next three nights, so sit back an enjoy the “Lovely Vampire Weddings”.  The first story sets all of the events in motion! So let us begin with “The Lie Becomes Love Under the Moon”.
Links to “The Lie Becomes Love Under the Moon”: (Zip) (PDF)

Tomorrow we will present Story 2: “The Bride and the Prince”.

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