Oneshot: "Mayonaka ni Binetsu" ("Midnight Fever") by Shiki Chitose

Continuing on with our anniversary celebration, we have a short age-difference oneshot. I like this oneshot a lot because it’s not often that the female main character is older. This oneshot is from Shiki Chitose,  a mangaka new to Omari’s Sister. I’m not thrilled about Shiki-Sensei’s drawing style (I don’t like how angular the faces are drawn), but I like her storytelling. And… the last couple of pages of this oneshot are very nice, despite her drawing style. Haha!

OH!  This is the first work we are releasing that was translated by Peonine who joined Omari’s Sister in February.  She translated a few other oneshots that we will be releasing during our anniversary, and is currently translating the short series “Many”.  She has been instrumental in the recent improvement of the quality of our translations.  I’m grateful for her help :).

And now onto the release:
“Mayonaka ni Binetsu”: (Zip) (PDF)

Keeping in line with the age difference theme, we will have another age different oneshot on the 8th at 12:01AM.

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