”Piano Lessons for An Adult" by Mimo Akio

This is the second work from a new mangaka named Mimi Akio. (We will present her debut work later.) She is published in Princess and Petite Princess magazines. I’m quite impressed with Ms. Akio’s simple drawing style and her clever storytelling.  This one is dear to my heart because it involves a physics professor in a stylish suit. I love the suit. You hear me, I LOVE GUYS IN SUITS!!! He drinks coffee from chemistry lab ware. There’s so much for me to love! Now… I know what some of you are thinking. Yeah, yeah, I don’t like student/teacher thing…but… haha… >_> I hope Akio-sensei gets a series soon. I would translate the heck out it.

Onto the release:
Link to “Piano Lessons for an Adult”: (Zip) (PDF)

Next up… hmmm… I haven’t decided.

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