Oneshot: "Netsugen wa Koko" ("The Heat Source is Here") by Youko Nogiri

Updated (6/8/2013):  Put in missing narration on page 4 and fixed a minor typo.  The changes have no impact on the story, but if you archiving, you may want to re-download the file.
I’ve gotten totally distracted by Akane Ogura’s latest series.  The first chapter was published in the latest Lala DX and the rest will be released in a tankoubon on July 5th. I pretty much dropped everything I was supposed to be working on to work on that and to scan in stuff from Ane Lala. Haha! Too much shiny-shiny. Needless to say I am excited!!!

Here’s another oneshot that Peonine translated.  It’s a short but sweet little oneshot.  We will have a companion oneshot by Hisaya Nakajo on Tuesday at 12:01AM.

Onto the release!
Links to “Netsugen wa Koko”: (Zip) (PDF)
See you again first thing on Tuesday!

One thought on “Oneshot: "Netsugen wa Koko" ("The Heat Source is Here") by Youko Nogiri

  1. thank you so much for releasing them all!!! its so great
    btw, i like the new web its give fresh feeling. thanks for ur hard work!!! ^^

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