"Pochamani" Chapter 7

Thanks to everyone for waiting patiently for us to continue “Pochamani”.  I wanted to do this chapter in particular in high quality, and I think it was well worth the wait. From now on to be in-synch with the tankoubon releases, we will release one chapter per month. We anticipate no multiple months long hiatuses in the near to mid-range future.

I’ve included the artwork from the volume 2 tankoubon, so if you are feeling inspired, I would love some Pochamani banners for the blog (width: 1250px, height: 250 – 350px, PSD with separate text layer preferred)

Oh! I almost forgot! A big thanks goes out to our newest member Aricania for typesetting this chapter. Great job!

This is the Christmas chapter. I suppose I should leave my thoughts after the links so I don’t spoil things here, so on to the release!
Links to “Pochamani” Chapter 7: (ZIP) (PDF)

My thoughts on this chapter (spoilers ahead):
I’m torn on Tagami’s reasoning for his plan. I think he means what he says with the best of intentions, but I can’t help but think that he’s somewhat full of himself — like he’s God’s gift to chubby girls.  Seiji always seems like he’s watching an impending slow-motion train wreck. Actually, I can’t wait for the trainwreck, because Tagami needs to be taken down a peg. Though I can see him pushing through it with no change to his attitude, because that’s just how he is. That too would be interesting to see. He continues thinking he’s God’s girl to chubby girls, and Tsumugi just lets it pass because she’s above it.

As for Tsumugi… oh gosh I know that habit of giving up because you have to. It’s always better to expect nothing so you won’t be disappointed when nothing happens. I wouldn’t have had the same reaction she did, because what would be the point of making Tagami feel bad about a previous commitment. It keeps the peace and forces you to make the best with the current situation. But at the same time, it opens you to becoming a doormat.

The next chapter will be a fun chapter :). Please look forward to it!

Next up! There are three releases on the way in the next 3 or 4 days: oneshot “Milkman” on Bakeneko’s Lair, oneshot “Ongaku Mieru Otoko”, and “Ore to Atashi” chapter 5.  We’ll probably have a 2 or 3 more releases after those, and then I will be taking a 2-week break between the last week of July and the first week of August. Shortly after that, there will be another flurry or releases.

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