"Pochamani" Chapter 11

As stated before, this is the last chapter of “Pochamani” that Crimson Flower will translate.  After reading this chapter, I think it will be clear to most people why this a good and natural place to end the story. I really don’t understand why the series was expanded from here other than for money. It would have been a really sweet short series. Anyhow, for my own sake I want to end here because I don’t want my beautiful memories of this series stained by the ridiculous shark jumping that happens after this. We have no intention of passing the … Continue reading "Pochamani" Chapter 11

"Pochamani" Chapter 8

Updated 9/6/2013 — Three missing pieces of text and SFX added, but nothing that impacts the story.——————————  Moving along with “Pochamani”, we finally get to meet Tsumugi’s family. Tsumugi’s family is fun and very realistic. Their dinner conversation reminded of how the conversations around my family’s dinner table degrade to TMI territory.  I was laughing hysterically as I was translating, because I couldn’t believe what was being said! This is a nice rest before the next story arch begins.  Personally, the next story arc makes me want to put my fist through my monitor to punch a certain new character. … Continue reading "Pochamani" Chapter 8

"Pochamani" Chapter 7

Thanks to everyone for waiting patiently for us to continue “Pochamani”.  I wanted to do this chapter in particular in high quality, and I think it was well worth the wait. From now on to be in-synch with the tankoubon releases, we will release one chapter per month. We anticipate no multiple months long hiatuses in the near to mid-range future. I’ve included the artwork from the volume 2 tankoubon, so if you are feeling inspired, I would love some Pochamani banners for the blog (width: 1250px, height: 250 – 350px, PSD with separate text layer preferred) Oh! I almost … Continue reading "Pochamani" Chapter 7

"Pochamani" Chapter 6

AUGH!!! The release date for “Pochamani” Volume 2 has been updated to June 20th on AmazonJP. So no Chapter 7 until the end of June. Sorry everyone :/.————————————— First I’d like to announce some good news! Even though it’s not listed on Hakusensha’s website, “Pochamani” Volume 2 is listed for release on May 20th on Amazon JP! This means chapter 7 will come out toward the end of May, and we will not have to find a substitute! I’m so relieved!  I know folks out there are impatient, but chapter 7 is very important, and it would have sucked to … Continue reading "Pochamani" Chapter 6

"Pochamani" Chapter 5

Recruitment: We are in need of cleaner/redraw artists and Japanese to English translators for oneshots. If you are interested please see our general recruitment post. We welcome folks who can only volunteer temporarily over spring and summer break.————————————–This chapter was the planned end of the series in Hana to Yume magazine, but the series was extended and is currently on hiatus after 11 chapters. The series will return in a month or so.  We will be able to release chapter 6 from the magazine raw, but after that, we will have to wait for the volume 2 tankoubon. Unfortunately, I … Continue reading "Pochamani" Chapter 5

"Pochamani" Chapter 4

RECRUITMENT:  We need proofreaders/QCers. I you’re interested, go here. ——————————————-And suddenly this seemingly innocuous and sweet story goes someplace totally unexpected… *_* Whut? Is Tsumugi seriously saying that?! We knew what was on Tagami’s mind… but, dude, really? Anyhow, I tried to be as delicate as possible with the translation in hopes of not making it look as though things took a sudden 90-degree turn.  Still, it’s refreshing to see a female character not shy away from carnal feelings. And thank goodness for Mami and Seiji. Two have been good check valves so far.  Though, I still have suspicions about … Continue reading "Pochamani" Chapter 4