Summer Oneshot: "Koi Koinegau" by Haruka Izumi

And now we have a downbeat oneshot for the summer.  It’s a kinda sad, but in that good way of sadness we can all relate to :).  Again, this is another oneshot written from the guy’s perspective (by now you’ve noticed the trend). I very much want to huggle him by the end of this oneshot.  I think the analogy used in this oneshot is quite effective. Kudos to Izumi-sensei for strongly conveying that drowning in the air feeling.

A big thanks to Icarus Bride for her lovely translation! And thanks again to Aricania for typesetting!

And now on to the release!
Links to “Koi Koinegau”: (Zip) (PDF)

Next up will be “Hakamori Majo Bianca” Chapter 5, followed by a short break!  We’ll be back with “Kanojo ni Naru Hi”, “Hanaibara”, “Lip Smoke” Part II, and all your monthly favorites starting around August 10th or 11th.

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