New Josei Series: "Nanatsu no Kururi" by Chika Shiomi

Here’s the long awaited series from Chika Shiomi. We were originally going to release this series on Bakeneko’s Lair, but the violence and sexual content is on par with “Yukarism”, which I think is fine for teenagers. This is an introductory chapter. The story starts in chapter 2. This first story made me cry, so you may want to get a couple of tissues ready.

Retranslation Partners:
La Noche de Los Caidos — Spanish

I hope you enjoy this series.  Please give us some feedback.  We are dipping our toe into josei, but per our style, we will not be doing smut, office romances, or BL. We hope to show some of josei’s variety to inform readers that their is more to josei than smut, office ladies, and BL.

And now onto the release!
Link to “Nanatsu no Kururi”: (PDF) (Zip)

Next up will be our next new josei series “Ao no Souyoku”.

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