"Nanatsu no Kururi" Chapter 2

Updated 10/3/2013:  Page 10 stitch completed. For those archiving the series, you should re-download. Here is the second chapter of “Nanatsu no Kururi”.  It’s a short, but sweet chapter showcasing more of Sumire’s incredible kindness. I love how he doesn’t judge the subject of this story.  In a way it seems almost like a Biblical New Testament parable. If only people in real life were this lovely. And now onto the release!Links to “Nanatsu no Kururi”: (PDF) (Zip) Next up! I don’t know!  Hee!  Regardless we’re at least 3 days away from being able to release something. Continue reading "Nanatsu no Kururi" Chapter 2

New Josei Series: "Nanatsu no Kururi" by Chika Shiomi

Here’s the long awaited series from Chika Shiomi. We were originally going to release this series on Bakeneko’s Lair, but the violence and sexual content is on par with “Yukarism”, which I think is fine for teenagers. This is an introductory chapter. The story starts in chapter 2. This first story made me cry, so you may want to get a couple of tissues ready. Retranslation Partners:La Noche de Los Caidos — Spanish I hope you enjoy this series.  Please give us some feedback.  We are dipping our toe into josei, but per our style, we will not be doing … Continue reading New Josei Series: "Nanatsu no Kururi" by Chika Shiomi

"Yukarism" Chapter 12 and Chapter 1 – 11 Catch-up!

After more than a year, “Yukarism” has finally resumed! If you need a refresher or are new to the series, links to past chapters will be included with this release. As for the chapter itself, the images look more hand drawn than before the hiatus. It’s nice and more more personal looking. Anyhow… part of the goods are delivered in this chapter which will make fans very happy. It’s a cute chapter. And now on to the release!Links to “Yukarism” Chapter 12:  LICENSED Next up!!!!! Our 4th Anniversary begins!!!! Continue reading "Yukarism" Chapter 12 and Chapter 1 – 11 Catch-up!

"Yukarism" Chapter 11

Here is the final chapter of “Yukarism” before it went on hiatus.  I don’t know when “Yukarism” will return, but I hope it’s not too long and I hope the series isn’t abandoned.  It’s too good of a series to kill before it’s done.  It does worry me, though, like the other series that went on hiatus, when it does return the story will be rushed to an end.*Wringing hands* Anyhow, we learn more about Kazuma’s woes and we begin to understand why he’s doomed and why he’s so freaking insane.  I feel so bad that his happy little family … Continue reading "Yukarism" Chapter 11

"Yukarism" Chp 10

It’s been a while since we had a chapter of “Yukarism”.  The series is currently on hiatus, so I decided there was no urgent need for releases.  It looks like Shiomi-sensei has recovered enough to start drawing again (a new chapter of “Nanatsu Kururi” came out in the latest issue of Itan) and she spoke on Twitter about finishing the manuscript for the end of an unnamed series…hmm…But keep in mind that Shiomi-sensei currently has three series running. I did see the listing for Betsuhana 6 and “Yukarism” doesn’t appear.  I guess we have to wait at least two months … Continue reading "Yukarism" Chp 10

Yukarism Chapter 9

“Yukarism” resumes with a beautiful color page.  The title says the chapter is 45 pages, but it’s only 37 pages.  I guess the chapter is shorter than what was expected or negotiated.  It’s kinda surprising considering that the series was on hiatus for three months.  Oh, well… This chapter has a sad flashback to Yuumurasaki’s and Kazuma’s childhood and ends with a launch pad into what takes place in the past in Edo between Yuumurasaki, Kazuma, and Takamura.  There’s an interesting little historical nugget added to the story (be sure to read the translator notes).  I wonder if this was … Continue reading Yukarism Chapter 9

"Yukarism" Chapter 8

First of all, I would like to acknowledge the effort the team of Omari’s Sister translators put into page 6.  There was a lot of :/, but after a couple of days of e-mail exchanges, I think we got a decent translation.———————-It’s been a while since we’ve had a chapter of “Yukarism”.  Hopefully, this chapter is worth the wait and hopefully the way the chapter ends will help you understand why I held onto it until now.  In this chapter we, along with Yukari, learn a lot about Mahoro.  We also start getting glimpses of what happened between Yuumurasaki, Takamura, … Continue reading "Yukarism" Chapter 8