August 2013 Statistics, September 2013 Plans, and General Announcements (Attack on Titan Shoujo Spinoff)

August went surprisingly well. Despite me taking a somewhat spontaneous vacation at the beginning of the month, we managed complete 8 releases.  Hooray!  Here’s a glimpse of August’s Statistics:

Top 10 Visiting Countries (some new ones in August!)

  1. USA (CA, NY, TX, MA, MI — Greetings Michigan!)
  2. Canada
  3. France
  4. Australia
  5. Malaysia
  6. Germany
  7. Philippines
  8. Indonesia
  9. Vietnam — Hello, new friends!
  10. Russia — Greetings, Russians!

Top 5 Releases

  1. Magical Change Chp 1
  2. Kanojo ni Naru Hi Chp 1 (y’all really love this series!)
  3. Nanatsu no Kururi Chp 1
  4. A Blue Pair of Wings Chp 1
  5. Oneshot: Kutsunashihime

Top 5 Referral Sites

  1. Manga Updates
  2. Omari’s Sister on Blog Spot
  3. RSS Feed
  4. TGMangas
  5. Tumblr

Note:  Twitter does not generate referrals, and much to my dismay, it never has. I tweet a lot about the group’s progress on Twitter, but I guess that is not where the readers are. It seems like Tumblr is effective, so I will prioritize that over Twitter.

September Plans

I’m personally making a push to complete “Kanajo ni Naru Hi”.
As of this blog posting, chapters 2 and 3 have been translated and I will start translating chapter 4 today.  Beyond “Lip Smoke” chapter 2, the rest of September isn’t really concrete, so what’s on the release schedule most likely will change.  We have many series chapters and oneshots translated and partially cleaned, so I am personally concentrating on finishing those before working on other projects.  The rest of the group is starting on the horror and supernatural releases for Autumn. So for September expect quite a few unnannounced new short series. I was unable to put these on the schedule, because it was unclear as to when they would be done.


1. I’m aware that there is a free official English translation of “Kerberos in the Silver Rain” Chapter 1 on the Heroes website.  We found out about this after I had finished the translation and after the cleaners edited the images.  We decided to proceed with our release because we felt we had something different to offer (A most native American-English translation and better lettering). We did not use any screencaps from the Heroes website. There are no further chapters translated, and as far as we know, the series is not licensed in the United States. Therefore we will continue with the project unless we are asked by the creators to stop or the series becomes licensed in the US.

2. We will not be doing an October oneshot party this year. We have too many half-finished projects that we need to complete. Instead we will be sprinkling in horror and supernatural oneshots from the end of September until the end of November.

3.  We will be doing a version of the new “Attack on Titan” shoujo spinoff for our readers. I’m sure half a dozen other groups will be taking on this project too.  I hate to pile on the bandwagon, but I LOVE LEVI with the deepest of fangirl fervor, and therefore must share my joy with my group and the readers of this blog. We are not a speed group, but I will personally see that this is our top priority and aim for release within a week of receiving Aria magazine (which I get either same day or next day after release in JP.)

4. I’m slowly putting up project pages for completed and ongoing projects.  Links to purchase the Japanese language compilations will be posted on these pages. I encourage you to support the artists we love by purchasing the tankoubon.  Of course, if you need help purchasing or would like to piggyback on my Amazon or Yes Asia purchases, please contact me.  As of now, I can offer $7 – 11/book (depending on the publisher) and low cost media mail shipping for US address ($3 – $7 for 1 – 10 books) if you are willing to wait for Yes Asia shipments (bundle all the purchases to get free shipping from Asia). Books from Amazon JP will cost at least $3 more per book.

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