Retired — New Series: "Shingeki to Kyojin — The Birth of Levi" Chapter 0 (Prologue)

As promised, we will be translating the “Attack on Titan” Levi spinoff.  What better way than this to kick off our special fall releases!  This is a short prologue to the series.  The actual series will begin at the end of November.  This project will be our top priority, and we will do our best to release the chapters within a week of Aria arriving in the mail.  I typically get Aria the day of or the day after release in Japan.

A big thank to Ichigo Stars for helping me with the redraws (and repaints). It’s pretty amazing that we were able to get this out with full redraws in less than 24-hours after receiving the raws.  Thanks to everyone who worked on this for recognizing the urgency and jumping on the project right away.

It’s pretty much guaranteed that this will get licensed at some point (hopefully sooner than later).  We will translate the series until that occasion arrives.  After that, I encourage you to purchase licensed copies so we can support the author and the artists.

Non-English Partners for this Series:

Spanish — La Noche de los Caidos
French — Shiro to Kuro
Vietnamese — SxS
Italian — Quegna Traduction Team

And now onto the release!
Links to “The Birth of Levi” Prologue: (PDF) (Zip) Retired — Licensed by Kodansha USA!

Next up! I don’t know yet, so let’s all be surprised!

And now onto the release!

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