2014 Plans at Crimson Flower — We Are Dropping Some Series

I don’t like to drop series, but I feel I should announce what we are formally dropping to give the team and the readers some clarity and closure. We do not drop series lightly. I usually agonize for months before dropping a series.  We are dropping these series mainly because there isn’t enough momentum within the group to keep the series going and there is a strong desire within the group to do more oneshots and one volume series, and therefore I need to free up the schedule.

We are dropping:

  • “Ore to Atashi no Kareshi-sama” — We are dropping this series immediately. The way this series ends killed it for me. Also the redraws are ridiculous.
  • “Pochamani” — We will complete chapters 10 and 11 ASAP and then stop work on this series. Chapter 11 feels like the natural end of the story. Beyond chapter 11 goes off the rails and into endless shoujo territory.
  • “Nanatsu no Kururi”  — We are dropping this series immediately. There is not enough momentum in the group to keep this going. (Honestly, I only wanted to do Chapters 1 and 2 as  oneshots. The actual series isn’t my cup of tea.)
  • “Kerberos in the Silver Rain” — We are dropping this series immediately. Again, not enough momentum in the group to keep this going. I will continue reading this for my own pleasure.

We having no plans to pass these series onto other groups, nor will we be facilitating any transfers. Groups that want to pick up these series should support the mangaka by purchasing the series.

We have no immediate plans to pick up any series soon. Rather we will focus on finishing up “Magnolia”, “Pochamani” Chps 10 & 11, “Rex Fabula”, “Yukarism”, “Kisu ni Renzoku”, “Magical Change”, and “The Ghost Apartment Manager” along with our regular ongoing series.

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