Ane Lala Oneshot: "Petite Peche" Story 2

Here’s the second “Petite Peche” story.  This story explores Yori and Momo’s budding friendship more. I wish there were more to this than two stories because I really want to learn more about each woman’s individual personality. I guess I want some day-in-the-life type stories. If there were going to be a story 3, I would like to see Yori and Momo decide to check out The Peach, the gay bar Momo considers to be her competition. That could be a really fun story!

The food in this one made me cringe a little. The Neba-Neba Platter was packed with everything I’m allergic to, so when I was going over the translation, I was cringing as I read the contents. Ugh… I swooned at the thought of all that taro.

And now onto the release!

Links to “Petite Peche” Story 2: (PDF) (Zip)

Next up, will be the first chapter of a short series from Avarus magazine!

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