Valentine’s Day Oneshot #2: "Joifo" ("Joyful") by Haru Kudo

Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone on this side of the world! This is our first project from The Margaret. For years I avoided Shueisha and Shogokugan manga and josei, but last year I gave the publishers’ magazines a chance and fell in love with The Margaret. I highly recommend this magazine if you love high school romance shoujo oneshots that have a more depth and maturity than the usual stuff from Margaret/Betsuma.

“Joifo” is one of the oneshots I live Tweeted months ago. The response on Twitter was quite favorable, so I decided to translate it for Valentine’s Day. Folks with strict parents and folks who know what it’s like to restrain your true self should resonate with this oneshot. And for everyone else, it’s about cosplay! I hope you like this oneshot!

And now on to the release!
Links to “Joifo”: (PDF) (Zip)

Next up will by “Kanojo ni Naru Hi” chapter 8, followed by “Kanojo ni Naru Hi Another” Chp 8!

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