Crimson Flower Group 2015 Favorites

2015 was a focused year for Crimson necessitated by schedule limitations. While we had less content this year, I felt the oneshots and series we did this year were high quality.

First, I want to go over the oneshots that were popular with readers. Here’s a reminder from the previous post:

Top 10 Oneshot Releases (Updated 12/31/2015):

  1. Yurayura Yureru
  2. Trick or Kiss
  3. Akai Ito
  4. Million Dollar Man
  5. The Boy has a Secret — Cold Blood
  6. Chou no Ito
  7. Joifo
  8. Ibitsu Renaikan
  9. One-Day Idol
  10. Dare mo Shiranai Heya

The biggest difference between the most read and the least read oneshots is that popular oneshots all contained some sort of romance. All of the popular oneshots had happy endings, though “Trick or Kiss” is debatable depending on whether you think the main relationship is healthy.  Three of the popular oneshots have obsessive male main characters. Three of the oneshots involve tragedy. After that, there aren’t many similarities. The art styles and quality range, although “Yurayura Yureru”, which has by far the “prettiest” art, is on top.

Onto the Crimson Flower group member Favorites:


Favorite series: “Nemurenu Ou ni Sasagu Yogatari”

Favorite Oneshots: “Yurayura, Yureru”, “Santa Claus wa Blue”, and “Hana to Shakutaku


Favorite Series: “Hana ni Kamitsuku”

Favorite Oneshots:

“Ibitsu Renaikan”  — Creepy but not as scary as Kaeremasen

“Yurayura Yureru” — Lovely art and cute story

“One Day Idol” — I thought it was cute and lighthearted, and I liked that the mangaka made the two girls full-figured

Silver Lunar:

Favorite Series: “Nemurenu Ou ni Sasagu Yogatari”

Favorite Oneshots:

1- “Chou no Ito”: it was great loved reading and working on it.

2- “One Day Idol”

3- “Million Dollar Man” — I was laughing during the whole thing, so it was memorable in a way.

Ichigo Stars:

Favorite Series: “Koori no Joou”

Favorite Oneshots: “Yurayura Yureru”

Me (Kuroneko003):

Favorite Series: “Kanojo ni Narui Hi” — Because Mamiya is the ideal woman and I love the continuous probing of gender stereotypes.

Favorite Oneshots:

“Dare mo Shiranai Heya”– I like the tragedy of a man who’s lost everything and an angry doll who’s similarly lost everything struggling through grief.

“Yurayura Yureru” — teh pretteh and delicious sexual tension

“Hana to Shakutaku” — It pulled me into its world and I liked that male MC could be any age at any one time and female MC loved him all the same.

What does this mean moving forward to 2016?

As some of you may understand, I use oneshots as experiments to see what people like and don’t like. I don’t change what we release based on what’s popular and unpopular. On the contrary, I feel like I’ve been challenged to find a popular non-romantic oneshot. At the same time,  mangaka and certain themes go on my watch list for more oneshots, meaning that my search scope is expanded.

So that’s that. Please share your 2015 Crimson Flower Favorites in the Comments section.

The next post will be about 2016 plans for CF. Also look out for posts on Lovely Manga about my favorite licensed and unlicensed manga from 2015, as well a general shoujo manga 2015 retrospective and predictions for 2016.

2 thoughts on “Crimson Flower Group 2015 Favorites

  1. Hi again ^^
    I want to share about my favourite series and one-shot too since it looks so much fun!
    favourite series : Kanojo ni naru hi ,Kanojo ni naru hi – another and seishun away.
    favourite one-shots : yurayura yureru, The boy has a Secret — cold blood and million dollar man

    “I don’t change what we release based on what’s popular and unpopular.”
    Keep doing what you like! I like those one-shots and series that you pick 😀
    i wish all of us have a great year this year 😉

  2. Lets see…
    For series, I really like Seishun Away. I love how the romance is immediate instead of having loads and loads of drama just leading up to the leads getting together. The couple also has lots of chemistry and respect for each other which is a plus since I hate it when there’s a difference in power (ahem Trick or Kiss).
    I know Bread and Butter is the least read series but I really enjoy it because it feels calming. Since they’re going to get married, it feels like it’s less about the romance and more about the MC trying to grow past her troubles.
    I also really enjoy Kanojo ni Narui Hi – Another. Not quite sure why, it’s like a typical love triangle but with very interesting character dynamics.
    For oneshots, I also really enjoyed Yurayura Yureru because it was gorgeous and I love me some sexual tension. I also enjoyed Hana to Shakutaku because I love Bikke. The art feels so delicate and the story is filled with emotion.

    Thanks for bringing these stories to us, I’m looking forward to another great year!

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