Any Thoughts on Mangalator?

I just had a look at a website called Mangalator and found out that “Sabaku no Harem”, “Bread & Butter”, and both “Kanojo ni Naru Hi” series are being translated there. I don’t like duplicating efforts, so I’m considering dropping these series. Do any of you read manga on Mangalator? If so, what do you think about it? Please give me some feedback.

One thought on “Any Thoughts on Mangalator?

  1. I JUST started reading ‘Bread and Butter’ and was super stoked that this group was translating it properly. Bummed that this series seems to have been dropped since then. I have access to Mangalator but your translations are vastly superior. I’ve tried to get through chapter 6 and have been left somewhat confused at the storyline and generally discouraged by the unprofessional side comments per “translation” (at some point, whoever is translating injects emoticon faces and their own personal commentary at the scene developing). I would have loved it if I had come across this series earlier and if this group had kept the project. I would much rather wait for a professional, clean-cut version of the chapters than the second-rate translations on Mangalator.

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