"Sabaku no Harem" Chapter 7

First of all, a bit of business.

Crimson Flowers is recruiting. We need help in all positions (Cleaners, Redraws Artists, Letterers, Translators, and Proofreaders/QCers).  Please see our recruitment page for descriptions of these functions. We have a lot of oneshots planned this summer, so the more help we get, the more we can release!
And now onto this chapter of “Sabaku no Harem”. This chapter is a fun filler chapter. Even if you hate filler chapters, I recommend reading this one because it’s “wacky harem races” and we begin to learn the personalities of three of the other women in the harem. I love this kind of physical humor and playful banter. Although it was exhausting (too much text!!!), I did enjoy translating this chapter.

And finally the release!
“Sabaku no Harem” Chapter 7: (PDF) (Zip)

Next up will be another extra chapter of “Sabaku no Harem” from Lala magazine. I can’t believe how much Sabaku no Harem comes out! I have the raw for chapter 8 too, but I’m gonna give Ichi and myself a break from the insane redraws. Seriously folks, pay attention to the crazy-ass sound effects, and then bow down to Ichi (I did page 18 though). I digress! After that, it’s oneshots!!!!! I currently have 6 fantastic feel-good oneshots lined up for our first waves of releases. After that, maybe we’ll take a little ride on the shoujo crazy train ^^. I AM SO EXCITED!!!! We will be presenting all kinds of oneshots from all over Shoujo Manga Land.

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