Crimson Flower’s 6th Anniversary! — "Sabaku no Harem" Lala Extra Chapter #2

Hooray for 6 years of Omari’s Sister/Crimson Flower! We were too busy playing catch up to do anything special. Oh well… maybe next year! But at least we’re caught up!

“Sabaku no Harem” keeps flirting with Lala Magazine. It makes me wonder whether Hakusensha is thinking about moving it from Lala DX to Lala. I don’t want to this series to move to Lala because the print quality HORRIBLE. Lala DX is much easier to read.

I did my best to make this chapter look good given the print quality from Lala. The redraws in this chapter were more insane than last chapter, so let’s give a big thanks to Ichigo Stars and our new redraws artist, Amaya! Great job, ladies!

This is an another comedic fillerchapter. This time Kallum and his harem are entertained by a traveling circus. Adeis is best shoujo lion. I hope to see more shoujo lions in the future. I’m still waiting for the sassy camel themed “Sabaku no Harem” filler chapter. Give it to me! Anyhow, I had fun translating this chapter, but not so much fun lettering this chapter. My bloody finger stumps are presently healing.

And now onto the release!
Links to “Sabaku no Harem” Lala Extra Chapter #2: (PDF) (Zip)

Next up! Will be pair of oneshots I’ve been dying to release. Both are unusual for shoujo and reflect my love of WTF-shoujo. Haha! Hopefully the first oneshot, “Million Dollar Man” will be released next Monday or Tuesday. It has a lot of redraws, so it’ll take a little bit of time to complete. Please look forward to it!

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