Thinking about this Year’s Halloween Oneshot Party

I’m not gonna lie; last year’s Halloween oneshot party was a complete flop. Either the stories were too lame or too scary and gorey.  The “Friend Doll” anthology from Betsufure and “Urban Legends” anthology from Mystery Bonita stories were too lame and the zombie oneshots from the Lala family of magazines fell under too gory.  I promise not to do anymore stories from shoujo “horror” anthologies. I thought the campiness would be fun, but the rest of the group didn’t agree and neither did the readers. However, I cannot resist zombie shoujo, so if some pop up again, I will translate them unless the story is horrible. However I will post them to Bakeneko’s Lair so as not to offend sensitive readers. Regardless, 2014 was a great learning experience. I now know the readers of this blog don’t like camp and at that scary and gory oneshots are very polarizing.

2015 hasn’t supplied me with any Halloween worthy oneshots yet. Fortunately I have a huge stock pile of various oneshots and short series that I’ve been saving future Halloweens. This year I will focus on story rather than just throwing random stuff at the wall to see what sticks. What I have in mind will be a combination of warmhearted ghost tales, stories involving suspense, and some messed up stuff for Bakeneko’s Lair.

I’m going to start finalizing the list of oneshots this weekend so we can get started. If there are any artists you would like to see oneshots from, please leave suggestions in the comments. Also if there are suggestions about what kind of things you want to see in the stories, let me know. Yes, I can dredge up something about horrifying mermaids if you really want to read a story about such creatures.

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