New Series: “Koori no Joou” (“The Ice Queen”) Chapter 1 by Rikachi


First off, here’s some purchase information for this series:

Title: Koori no Joou / 氷の女王 / The Ice Queen Volume 1
Mangaka: Rikachi / リカチ
ISBN: 4063418960 / 978-4063418965
Publisher / Publication:  Kodansha / Bessatsu Friend (Betsufure)
Purchase: Amazon JP / Amazon US / Yes Asia  / Kinokuniya

If you enjoy this series, please show Rikachi some love and buy the

“The Ice Queen” is a series that I raved about a year or so ago. Yep, it’s another shoujo sports series where the female main character actually does the sport. I was hoping this would get licensed, but I’ve given up shoujo licensing, so we’ll risk translating this series.

Anyhow, I’ll not keep you from the first chapter.

Links to “The Ice Queen” Chapter 1: (PDF)   (Zip) Permanent files coming soon.

Next up… I don’t know yet. We could start releasing Halloween oneshots or sneak in some chapters from neglected series.

8 thoughts on “New Series: “Koori no Joou” (“The Ice Queen”) Chapter 1 by Rikachi

  1. Loved this first chapter!! I like how the MC is one to take action herself and so straightforward with her feelings, despite being shy. 0: Thanks a lot for the release~

  2. I really like the MC its hard to suddenly gain courage and make some friends without a catalyst (even in real life) but its good to see that when she does gain the confidence she turns out to be the straightforward type.

  3. What I like about this first chapter is a girl who finds it hard to verbalize her thoughts, finds a way to express herself through ice skating. I like how she feels on equal footing with Nanao and therefore not afraid to tell him how she feels. Nanao handles Nika well off the ice by being patient and allowing her the time to get her words out. For once we are presented with a truly shy girl whose shyness doesn’t feel infantilized. I very much sympathized with Nika.

  4. That was kind of neat. It didn’t instantly hook me but it’s definitely worth reading a few more chapters at least.

  5. That was beautiful! Nika was completely relatable, the shyness made me remember myself. That’s some beautiful art and wonderful beginning, I’m excited!

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