October Oneshot #1: “Akai Ito” by Wataru Hibiki

Akai_Ito_001Let’s kickoff our October horror and suspense oneshots with “Akai Ito” by Wataru Hibiki. This oneshot first appeared in Lala DX and then was reprinted as an additional short story with the short series “Human System”. We wanted to release this story last year, but we were unable to finish it in time. I did an new scan of the oneshot and using our latest image editing tricks, we were able to create a better looking release. Please enjoy this mystery suspense story! Oh, and thanks to Jade for a wonderful translation! We will have another oneshot next week!

Links to Akai Ito:  (PDF) (Zip) 

Please look forward to next week’s October oneshot and possibly a special “Sabaku no Harem” chapter!

6 thoughts on “October Oneshot #1: “Akai Ito” by Wataru Hibiki

    1. Haha! This one was a whiffle ball to begin things. The big mystery was where the girl was hiding that big knife?! I thought this oneshot was all right, but not Wataru Hibiki’s best oneshot.

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