October Oneshot #5: “Sayonara Limit” by Kana Matsu

Sayonara_LImit_002You might need some tissues for this paranormal story. I don’t want to say much because it’ll spoil the story. I’ll write something in the comments this weekend because I have some praise for the way this story is told. And now onto the release!

Links to “Sayonara Limit”: (PDF) (Zip)

The next oneshot will be released on Sunday. Please look forward to it!

3 thoughts on “October Oneshot #5: “Sayonara Limit” by Kana Matsu

  1. WARNING!!! Comment will contain spoilers!!! If you haven’t read the oneshot already, stop and read the oneshot before reading more of this comment.

    As promised, I’m now going to write a few thoughts about this oneshot. What I liked most was that “Sayonara Limit” stayed focused on Maki resolving matters with her dead grandfather’s ghost rather than forcing a romance with Hagimoto into the story. I really didn’t want what could have been a really creepy age-gap romance in this story. At the same time, at the end we know that Maki and Hagimoto will at the least become good friends with Maki helping Hagimoto with everyday life, seeing as how Hagimoto is lazy.

    As for Maki and her grandfather, yes, I did have to wipe away some tears. Her grandfather’s wish to live until she married was sweet. Anyhow, I love family stories like this. I have a few more family stories with this kind of sweetness in my stash. I hope to release one more before the end of this year.

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